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Solatube International Tenant Improvement - Vista, CA
(Photo by Miti Aiello at ArchistDesign Studio)

This project consisted of a remodel and addition at the headquarters of Solatube International, the manufacturer of Solatube tubular daylighting devices.  This tenant improvement to their existing concrete tilt-up office building included adding a 5,600-sf steel mezzanine to the existing second floor, adding new rooftop mechanical units, and many new Solatube skylight penetrations in the existing roof.  The new mezzanine structure was constructed using a concrete on metal deck floor, and open web steel joists supported by pipe columns.  Special steel braced frames were utilized for the mezzanine lateral support.  Shaft walls and second floor structure were designed to accommodate arrays of Solatubes, which extended from the roof to the first floor to illuminate translucent “walls” with natural light in both the ground floor and second floor spaces.

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