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Almaden Family Apartments
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Almaden Family Apartments
While at her previous employer, Bonnie Parker was Project Manager for the structural engineering design and construction phase services for this 225 unit, apartment complex located on a 6.7 acre site in San Jose, CA.  The complex consisted of a 221,000-sf three-story wood-framed building on top of a subterranean concrete parking garage (garage designed by others),  and a separate 70,000-sf  three-story apartment building on grade.  The buildings housed a variations of 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom and three-bedroom units.  Additionally, a free-standing community center building, swimming pool, pool equipment building, and mail kiosk structures were all centrally located within the complex.  Construction was completed in 2007.

photos by Rick Marchewa,
courtesy of Maple M3 Architects

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