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Gateway Family Apartments

Photos courtesy of Maple M3 Architects

While at her previous employer, Bonnie Parker was Project Manager for this 43-unit, four-story wood-framed apartment complex which has been completed in downtown San Diego, CA.  The project consisted of a 52,000-sf apartment building which had an irregular shaped footprint due a "no build easement" along and earthquake fault trace that was discovered onsite during geotechnical investigations.  Also included in the scope of work was the structural design of a separate two-story 2000-sf Community Center/Manager Unit.  A continuous anchor tie-down system was implemented at the shear walls in lieu of conventional holdowns in order to provide a continuous load path and accommodate wood shrinkage of the multi-story building. 

Brightly painted murals enhanced the Community Center walls and artistic tile mosaics were incorporated into the unit entry stoops along Logan Avenue, which celebrated artforms present in this Barrio Logan neighborhood.  In 2008, this project won the Design Award of Honor from PSARA; Design Excellence and Affordable Housing for Rent from Multi-Housing News; and Merit Award, Project of the Year, Low-Rise Category, from Multi-Family Executive Conference in Las Vegas.

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